One to one
Strategic makeup shopping

I take out the stress out of makeup shopping by doing the research for you. In just two hours we’ll have ‘detoxed’ your makeup bag, introduced you to 10+ high-performing items, each one perfectly suited to your skin type and skin tone, and taught you the subtleties of how to use each product to brilliant effect. Your new business look awaits…

One to one
Makeup detox ( + tutorials)

Investing in the right makeup is a step in the right direction but knowing how to apply it correctly will ensure you always strike the right balance. In the comfort of your home and in just over two hours I will detox your makeup bag (or drawer), identify key products you might be missing, and teach you to feel confident with your makeup routine and application, both for the office and for play.

Makeup items and makeup bag
Male model wearing red checked jacket
Executive grooming and makeovers

The rise in social media activity within businesses, including major corporates, has meant employees and employers are having to appear more and more online, be it within a profile piece featured on the company website, on LinkedIn or in video content. Knowing what makeup to apply for such an occasion can be daunting, especially as HD cameras are now the norm and pick up every detail. Entrusting in someone who understands the nuance of camera-ready male grooming and makeup on the day will not only give you/your employees peace of mind but will ensure they look shine-free and full of vitality on screen.

For groups
Talks and workshops

Lots of women give a lot of thought to their wardrobe when it comes to work. They might have 3 or 4 carefully edited outfits that they rotate depending on what the working day holds. Some may even have even participated in body language courses where they’ve learnt how the way we carry ourselves can have a direct impact, not only on our confidence but on the way others perceive us. But what about makeup? Can makeup really make as much of a difference? Surely as long as we’re wearing something on our faces that’s enough? Or does our makeup – or indeed a lack or makeup – say more about us than we think? These are some of the probing questions I love bringing to groups of women…

Natalie James giving talk at RBS