Pixi & Caroline Hirons Double Cleanse 2 In 1

BEAUTY ADVENT 2017 // DAY #18: The gift of double cleansing

One of the first things I ask my clients when I detox their makeup bags or begin a makeup lesson is “Tell me, how do you remove your makeup?”. Invariably I am met with a wide-eyed, slightly nervous look and then a couple of seconds later I hear their almost inaudible reply: “Using wipes?” *slams head in hands*READ MORE

Body Crystal Wild Flowers deodorant

BEAUTY ADVENT 2017 // DAY #16: The non toxic deodorant that actually works

You are probably going to want to kill me, having only yesterday featured a product which has been discontinued, I am today going to a feature a product which can only be purchased in Australia…but bear with me. All will become clear 🙂

I have never really given what I wear under my arms much thought but in recent years have become more aware of the key ingredients READ MORE

Estee Edit Beam Team Hydrate and Glow

BEAUTY ADVENT 2017 // DAY #15: The surprisingly wearable illuminating primer

This is a slightly awkward present idea to post as I have only in the last few days discovered it has largely been discontinued (bar one place!). I have decided to post my thoughts anyway as the world of illuminating primers can be a tricky one to navigate and if you can find a primer with similar qualities (I have some terrific alternatives towards the end of this post!) you will be onto a winner.READ MORE