The only lesson you’ll ever need

My makeup detox and tutorial package is the most comprehensive makeup lesson you’ll ever have. It takes place in the comfort of your own home (or at a friend or relative’s home), lasts just over two hours and is usually broken up with a short coffee break.

I believe in teaching my clients how to look vital, energised and considered. Like they’ve had ten hours sleep when really they’ve only had two. Of course there’s a time and a place to look glamorous (I teach this too) but the working day – whether we’re in a busy office, running our own business or are a full time mother – requires a quick routine that will deliver instant vitality.

Drawing from 8 years working as a professional makeup artist on commercials, fashion shoots and behind the scenes at London Fashion Week, I will teach you how to apply your products, in a way that strikes the right balance for your role, ambition, lifestyle and stage in life.


Natalie James working
The detox

After an initial consultation we begin your lesson by detoxing your existing makeup bag or drawer. I will ask you questions about your skincare routine to be able to identify whether you are looking after your skin in the optimum way (no matter how good a makeup product is, it simply won’t sit well on dehydrated or aggravated skin). Detoxing your makeup bag will also help me to identify any key makeup products you might be missing.


Flawless skin

This is the first and most important lesson I teach you. Get your skin right and you can pretty much wear anything! Our skin speaks volumes about our health, mood and lifestyle and is usually the first thing people notice about us. For me, flawless skin isn’t about using a particular set of products. It varies from person to person. It’s about finding a formula that will create the illusion of vitality, even when we don’t feel vital. It is most definitely not a mask and will never feel like one.


Fom conference calls to cocktails

With business comes a certain amount of pleasure and there will always be a need to dial up your office look for an evening event, be it client entertaining or simply a night out with the girls. Many beauty brands teach ‘day to night’ but with mine you are guaranteed a balance.



Many products can be applied with the fingers (in fact with some products it’s an essential step) but there are one or two brushes I believe are indispensable when it comes to achieving the right finish. Whether you own fifty brushes or none I will only ever recommend the minimum number I think you absolutely, genuinely need.


Follow up materials

No-one ever reads notes after a tutorial so I take photos. Lots of them! Photos of you as we apply the makeup, of the products, the brushes. I even take short videos to remind you of the all important techniques. All photos and videos are then emailed to you for you to file away.


Enquiries + pricing

For more information or to obtain a quote please contact me.

Please note:

Travel is charged as an additional cost and where possible will be based on off peak trains and local taxis. As a guide, and for people living outside zone 6 or just outside, this is never more than approximately £30.00 – £35.00.


Your home or the home of a friend/relative (somewhere you feel comfortable) or your hotel.