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Why it pays to invest wisely

Makeup is expensive and buying the wrong thing, be it the wrong shade, texture or type, quickly adds up. My clients work hard for their money and it is important they leave my shopping session feeling like they have made a good investment in products they will genuinely use.

As someone who comes from the business world (14+ years in marketing and advertising) I am familiar with the following scenario: You have twenty minutes before your next meeting so you head to the nearby beauty hall for a ‘browse’. It is intimidating. The lights, the counters, each one bigger and more dazzling than the last. Some of the counter staff are wearing more makeup than you currently own! You attempt to ask about a product only to find yourself a few minutes later, half listening, half tuning out of the sales pitch. Before you know it you have left with three products, two of which were last minute ‘add-ons’. Several hours later you arrive at home, open up your purchases only to wonder when you are ever going to use any of them. Sound familiar?

Natalie James working
A more strategic way to shop for makeup

Purchasing makeup for work is not simply about being sure you are buying shades which suit you. It is also about texture, longevity and nuance.

As an independent makeup artist my advice is completely impartial and as such I will only ever recommend a product to you I know to be 100% the right one.

Your one-to-one guided makeup shopping session begins nestled inside Liberty’s luxurious and serene Private Suite, overlooking the hustle and bustle of London’s Carnaby Street. Over a complimentary coffee or tea we will spend the first ten minutes getting to know you, your professional role and your lifestyle (we will also have spoken about this briefly during your initial consultation). We will then briefly discuss your relationship with makeup. Perhaps you used to wear it in your teens/twenties but haven’t for a while. Perhaps you already feel confident with makeup but are looking for more strategic advice on what to buy and how to wear it.


Out with the old

Detoxing your existing makeup is an important first step. I usually ask my clients to bring their day makeup bag to the session (that is to say the makeup you would ordinarily carry around with you on a working day, for touch ups or to go from day to night). Seeing inside a client’s makeup bag gives me the all important information I need to quickly assess which products she might be missing. I’m all for minimising the total number of items my clients use and carry – both at home, and when going to and from work.



As an independent makeup artist my advice is completely my own and impartiality is at the core of my brand. I am not sponsored by any brands and will only recommend a product that I have sampled or worn myself.


Enquiries + pricing

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