Talks and workshops

The turning point

My first talk on business makeup was at RBS in 2012. It was a free lunchtime talk and the first time I’d be publicly speaking about the notion of ‘business makeup’. I remember at the time thinking I’d be delighted if ten people showed up. More than 50 women came along (there were so many we had to bring in additional chairs from outside of the room).

Immediately after the talk 12 women or so came up to me and the universal response to my talk was ‘This is so needed, thank you’. It was then that I knew I had something to share, something that could benefit businesswomen everywhere.



Each of my talks are tailored to the event you’re holding and to the people that will be in attendance. Having an appreciation for the industry and the context means I can deliver a fresh point of view that’s as much thought provoking as it is useful.

Natalie James giving talk at RBS

Past engagements have seen me speak at networking gatherings, women’s empowerment events and business fashion and diversity events.

My talks can be intimate (e.g. between 15 and 20 people) or tailored for large scale audiences (e.g. 50+).



A great alternative to a talk is an interactive workshop. Held in an informal and private setting, such as a room or external venue, my business makeup workshops provide an opportunity for women to come together around a common question: How can I practically strike the right balance with my makeup for work?

Through guided tutorials I teach women the confidence that comes from knowing which products to use, how to use them and how to change your makeup according to what the working day holds.


The details + pricing

Talks: price on request

Workshops: from £650.00


All marketing materials, mirrors and hygiene items (e.g. makeup remover, antiseptic hand gel, cotton pads etc) for the workshops are provided. Women are encouraged to bring their own makeup bags to the workshop so they can be guided on how to make the best use out of the makeup they already own, as well as being introduced to new items during the session.


Please note: travel is charged as an additional cost and will be quoted along with the talk or workshop fee ahead of time.

Two women talking at presentation
Woman talking into microphone at talk